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Specialists in removing the UK's most damaging perennial weed

Equisetum, also known as mare's tail, horse tail and puzzlegrass, is one of the most harmful weeds in all of nature.

Marestail is difficult to uproot and practically indestructible – But it can be managed. We offer marestail removal and control services across Manchester and the surrounding area. Using a combination of manual excavation and specialist herbicides, we can reduce the threat of this garden killer substantially and eventually render it a non-issue with our bespoke treatment plans.

If you think you have a marestail infestation, call 07300 236794 or book a free consultation to get in touch with your local marestail removal specialists.

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What is Marestail?

Everyone is familiar with Japanese knotweed and the damage it can do, but both the name and destructive capabilities of marestail are not as well known – Even though it accounts for more property damage in the UK per year.

Marestail can lie dormant underground (Over 7 metres below the surface in some cases), and once the ground above is disturbed it can grow startingly quickly. When it breaches the surface it releases billions of spores, which can take root and thrive in any conditions. Cases of it breaking through concrete, tarmac and even block paving are not unheard of.

You can find out more about this insidious plant here.

Do not wait until it grows out of control. Contact Manchester's premier marestail removal specialists at 07300 236794, or book a free quotation.

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How we can help

Our long-term treatment plants are tailored to manage marestail infestations in the mid-and long-term, preventing your garden from being overrun and giving other plants an opportunity to grow back. Once we have identified the extent of the problem, we will outline the steps required in a quick treatment plan.

Please bear in mind, however, that marestail is virtually indestructible. While we can control its rampant growth and give your garden some room to breathe, there is no be-all-and-all miracle cure for a marestail infestation. Our services aim to make marestail a non-issue so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor space again.

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Why do we target marestail in particular


Our staff have been involved in offering domestic services and home improvements direct to consumers for 40 years. Marestail has become of particular interest to us due to the sheer scale of the largely unknown problem homeowners are facing.

People will wonder what is killing their plants and tarnishing their gardens and will suggest several possibilities, yet most have never heard of marestail.

This, and the lack of specialists offering solutions when compared to conventional weeds, compelled me to step in and address this issue myself with Marestail UK.

Having been dealing with the public for over 40 years and worked in thousands of gardens, I have grown to become invested in people's gardens around the Manchester area. I am dedicated to providing a thorough and transparent service and helping people restore their gardens and properties.


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Why choose us?


With our founder boasting over 40 years of hands-on experience working in people's homes, you are in more than capable hands.

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Specialised Removals

Some gardeners offer marestail removal as a secondary or even tertiary service. We recognise the destructive capacity of this invasive species and believe it deserves to be a standalone service for maximum thoroughness and long-term care.

Personalised Service

No two marestail infestations are the same, and so no two marestail removal treatments are the same. Each quotation we put together for our clients is based on the extent of their infestation, where it has taken root and how long it could potentially take to treat.